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As Positive Steel Door Company, We integrate our 30 years industrial and production experiences in Steel Security Door manufacturing and start to produce in 2014. As the purposes and principles, we aim at the best grade in price/benefit rate for our customers.

Positive Steel Door ,At the same time we aim at also to offer our customers the best prices, satisfaction and confidence in maximum level with our products and services. Positive Steel Door Company start to produce in Kayseri Industrial Area in 4000 square meters, who keep in the forefront the best quality and esthetic in the products with national and international producing standarts.

One of the most important target of our company is to catch the safest, the most stylish products in optimal prices with our R&D team. Positive Steel Door expected and intend to contribute own economics with its exports under quality brand. With these the purposes and principles, Positive Steel Door intend to stand in this industrial area for long years and be pioneer without compromising with its values.

As Positive Steel Security Door , all of our customers satisfaction and keeping resources in the most efficient way to always be at the forefront of the trust of the community to meet the needs and focused, outstanding service and product quality has a prestigious brand image, fulfiling the responsibities to all customers and its employees, a respected , reputable leader in many subjects ,and to become a institutional enterprise.

As Positive Steel Secuirty Door open to change and development, reliable and continuous self- improvement, researcher and innovative sturcture whcih determines the criteria, customer expectations and satisfaction after sales service that sells products and also, by giving full support until the end of the continuous and healthy have grown constantly develops research and competitive costcutting studies, customers, suppliers and with employees it is important that a fair sharethe market is all over the World with the mobile, to offer products and services to international standards has always referred to the principle itself, well-educated and with customer satisfaction being a brand that makes a difference